I'm passionate... competitive... and believe that the only way to be number one is to be better
than your competition. I do not drag down my competition; but, simply rise above them.

    I am a well rounded, non-discriminatory person who strives to better myself in life. I do this by participating in several
groups, volunteering within the community, and keep an active social life.

    The groups I participate in are for SCTE, previously as the President of the Razorback Chapter and the Mid South Chapter,
and currently as the secretary of the Razorback Chapter. I have been given the honor of having a Harold Kinnel Day in Forrest
City, Arkansas, bestowed upon me by the Mayor of Forrest City.

  I have always kept a professional attitude while working and upheld high morals and values in the workplace, which
includes showing respect to those I work with and for as well as treating everyone equally, without prejudice or

 By furthering my education I can keep on top of all the changes in technology. I have received numerous certifications,
which include NCTI Senior Master Tech certification as well as SCTE Broadband Premise Specialist.

  Having worked hard to make a name for myself in the Telecommunications business by working many years for
companies such as Time Warner, Ritter Communications, and WEHCO Video, has earned me numerous reference letters
and letters of recommendation. I have worked hard within these companies having given and received respect to
and from my coworkers and supervisors.
Harold Kinnel

    I have volunteered within my community on many occasions, including collecting food for the Forrest City Food Pantry,
collecting sweaters for the elderly in nursing homes, participating in Toys for Tots, and have helped raise over $10,000 for
the March of Dimes.

  Though work keeps me busy, I still make time for my own social life. I have Jake, who is my long time companion and
dog. I spend time with my friends watching football games and cooking out when I am not working, and also keep in
contact with friends who no longer live in the same city as me.